Welcome all Cosplayers to Monster Comic Con.


We are excited to announce Cosplay at Monster Comic Con 2017. No Comic Con event is complete without cosplay! Whether you are a cosplayer yourself or an admiring fan, we’ll have plenty to entertain you.

The main hub for all things cosplay will be centred around the Cosplay Desk. This will be manned each day by Miss Lolita Love, Alphabety Cosplay, and Ms. Luna Cosplay. Between them they have a variety of skills and experience, so it should be your first stop if you need costume help or advice. You will also find our Cosplay Repair Kit at the Cosplay Desk, filled with tools and materials for you to make temporary cosmetic fixes to your costume, if required.

There are separate, designated male and female changing rooms on the ground floor of the venue for all attendees to utilise. They include benches, clothes hooks, mirrors (though we suggest bringing personal make-up mirrors as there are only a few in the changing rooms), toilets, and even showers if you need to freshen up. To quote the late Douglas Adams, “Don’t forget your towel!”

Cosplay Competition & Masquerade

Excitingly we have a Cosplay prize fund of £500 to be won over the weekend. To enter, please make your way to the Cosplay Info Desk and check in with your details. Entry is free and it is optional if you would like to take part in the Masquerade (i.e. it is not a requirement of entering the competition). Limited spaces available, so arrive early and secure your place to avoid disappointment.

The masquerade is a steadfast favourite at any event. It gives costumers a chance to show off their handiwork on stage, pose for photos and/or do short performances. At Monster Comic Con, the masquerade will be hosted by our compere Mason Wright, and will be rounded off with the results of the competition each afternoon.

Our cosplay competition will be judged in five categories, they are:

  1. Best Build,
  2. Best Needlecraft,
  3. Best Child’s Costume,
  4. The Carl Young Award for Best Performance,
  5. and the exclusive and prestigious Brooker-Hansen Award for Best Overall Winner.

Judging for all categories will take place prior to the masquerade (with the exception of Best Performance, and Overall Winner which will be judged on costume and performance).

N.B. Cosplay competition entrants are not required to go onto stage for the masquerade, likewise those entering the masquerade do not have to enter the competition.
Each category will have first, second and third places. Cash prizes will be awarded to first place winners. Results will be announced at the end of the masquerade.

Cosplay Talk Panels

Would you like to know more about Cosplay? Would like tips and help with costumes? Get inspired with facts and network with others with our Cosplay Talk Panels.

Cosplay Photo Shoots

Costume made, big day and launch of it at Monster Comic Con, then get a professional photo taken in the Photo Shoot studio. Times of shoots will appear in the Monster Comic Con Schedule.

Cosplay Changing Rooms

We have organised separate male and female changing rooms with showers (so bring a towel) for all Cosplayers to use Free of Charge over the weekend. Here you can get changed and make running repairs. All items that need to be stored away must be checked into the Cloakroom for safe keeping. There is a small charge for this service which goes to charity (Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice).

Cosplay Guests

This year we are extremely lucky to be welcoming some incredibly talented cosplayers as special guests to Monster Comic Con: Tasha Cosplay UK, Ju Tsukino, Chiquitita and Gingersnap will be judging our cosplay competition on both days, as well as running talks and panels throughout the weekend. Katie Ward Cosplay is the face of Monster Comic Con and will be available all weekend for photos. Mojo Jones and Helen Alice Cosplay will also be hosting talks on both days, and Mojo will be performing one of her special “Nerdlesque” (Nerd Burlesque) routines exclusively to attendees of our official After-Show Party on Saturday night, not to be missed!

Our cosplay guests will be happy to chat and have photos taken free of charge over the weekend.

Cosplay Competition and Masquerade Rules:

  1. All entries to the masquerade and competition, can only be made in person on each day of the event.
  2. The deadline for entries is 12:30pm each day.
  3. Entrants in the following competition categories must have made a minimum of 70% of their costume themselves: Best Build, Best Needlecraft, Best Overall Winner.
  4. Entrants in Best Build and Best Needlecraft are not required to go onto stage during the masquerade, but we request that they must turn up punctually for pre-judging.
  5. Best Overall Winner will be judged on a combination of costume and stage performance.
  6. Entrants in Best Performance do not have to have made any of their costume, but they are required to go on stage during the masquerade and perform for a maximum of sixty seconds.
  7. Entrants in Best Child’s Costume must be 15 years old or under.
  8. Entrants in Best Child’s Costume do not have to have made any of their costume, nor are they required (though it is encouraged) to go on stage during the masquerade. They may be required to turn up for pre-judging if they do not wish to go on stage, but this is dependent on age and at the discretion of the cosplay crew and judges.
  9. All entrants in the competition and masquerade under the age of 12 must have their entry form signed by a parent or guardian to be able to compete.
  10. Masquerade entrants who are not competing in the Best Performance category will have a maximum of 30 seconds on stage to strike some poses or do a short performance.
  11. Monster Comic Con is a family friendly event, so please do not use bad language or lewd gestures on stage.
  12. Most important rule of all, is to HAVE FUN!

Costume and Prop Rules

Please make sure you are appropriately covered up where necessary. Gents, if you would like to wear spandex bottoms, would you please consider wearing a courtesy box or pouch (we don’t want to see what you had for breakfast).

Any weapons that look authentic, please would you have a blaze orange tip in the ends, unless the weapon itself is brightly coloured. The local police will be notified that this event will be on and that some costumers may have weapons. Please leave all metal blades at home, and cover all weapons until you are onsite of the event.

If you are considering, bringing an oversized costume or prop, please would you notify us in advance at this email address detailing the size and nature of the items.

There is a large cloakroom available on the ground floor next to the escalators in the entrance area. Bags / Cases / Coats can be stored here. This cloakroom is chargeable for a small fee which goes to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.


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