Monster Comic Con Limited - Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

These are the Monster Comic Con Limited - Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

2. It is a legal requirement that the tables supplied by Doncaster Racecourse (for and behalf of Monster Comic Con) are the only ones that are used.

3. Please make sure items can be sold lawfully within the U.K. and that any items of a sensitive nature are displayed with common sense (please remember there is a wide demographic of fans attending, men, women, children and all colours, creeds and religions).

Any unlicensed items on sale could be seized but the licensors or trading standards, with the possibility of the pitch / table being required to close for the rest of the duration of the event.

4. Sales of FOOD and WEAPONS onsite is prohibited unless authorised by Monster Comic Con Limited. In the first instance, please would you email / and we will be able to clarify your standing to whether certain Foods / Weapons can be sold or not.

5. All sales bookings are final and non-refundable.

If an exhibitor would like to extend their pitch and there is availability, then feel free to do so and add to the order online.

If an exhibitor is unable to attend the event for any reason, Monster Comic Con will allow a transfer of tables but we must be notified immediately about it by both parties to amend the booking.

6. It is an absolute requirement of all shows to include Monster Comic Con that exhibitors have their own public liability insurance. This insurance is needed irrespective if you are a collector / artsit selling items just on the one occasion or a business attending many events.

7. Monster Comic Con Limited reserve the right to cancel any exhibitor booking / exhibiting without prior notice or warning.

8. Any unauthorised photo shoot / autograph sessions, free or paid for, are forbidden.

By creating a booking, the exhibitor is accepting these Terms and Conditions set out in their entirety.

The exhibitor is also confirming that they have / will have insurance for the Monster Comic Con event and will be able to produce a certificate of insurance (including public liability) at any point upon request.

I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions set out above.


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