Terms and Conditions

The use of this site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By contacting us and ordering tickets, the customer, confirms that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Contract.

1.1 A legally binding contract will come into existence when we accept an order, this is between the customer and Monster Comic Con Limited.
1.2 Acceptance of a placed order is subject to the condition that, tickets are available for the event as selected by the customer.
1.3 We will notify customers by email of all completed and accepted orders. Receipts along with unique codes and QR codes will be automatically and immediately emailed to the given address, this will then complete the contract.
1.4 Unfortunately no orders will be accepted until full payment has been received for the full customer order for tickets (plus booking fee, where applicable postage and V.A.T.).
1.5 Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or returned. They can however be transferred to a third party (gifted etc.).
1.6 If for any reason (in part or in whole) the event is cancelled, we will make immediate notification by posting all relevant information on the Monster Comic Con website and social media.
1.7 If for any reason (in part or in whole) the event date is changed, we will make immediate notification by posting all relevant information on the Monster Comic Con website and social media.

2. Price and Dispatch.

2.1 Ticket receipts will be dispatched immediately to the email address supplied upon the order being placed and paid for. The ticket comes with a unique number and QR code, this unique number and QR code will contain all details of your order with Monster Comic Con.
2.2 Customers are advised to check their purchases upon receiving their ticket receipt and inform us of any errors as soon as possible.
2.3 It is the responsibility of the customer to update their Monster Comic Con account of any changes of address, contact telephone numbers or email addresses.
2.4 It is the responsibility of the customer to keep their ticket receipt with unique number / QR code extremely safe and secure as Monster Comic Con will only scan / process and allow one ticket code entrance into the event.
2.5 Monster Comic Con reserve the right to cancel any orders.
2.6 Monster Comic Con will not be responsible for the failure of any such delivery services employed to distribute tickets.
2.7 Monster Comic Con will exchange / refund advance purchase Photoshoot / Autograph / Talk Panel tickets for special guests that have had to cancel their attendance to the event.
(i) Exchanges, these can be completed at the event through the Monster Comic Con Box Office. We can only exchange the tickets for the same or greater value. If the ticket to be exchanged is of greater value, then the shortfall has to be met by the customer.
(ii) Any and all refunds that need to be made in the event of 2.7 occurring, will be made ten (10) working days from the closure of the show. Any Photoshoot / Autograph / Talk Panel Tickets that have not been exchanged and are for refunding must be submitted to the Monster Comic Con Information Desk on the days of the event for processing along with your ordering details / unique code / QR code.

3. Performances.

3.1 The right to refuse admission to the event is reserved by Monster Comic Con Limited at all times. Monster Comic Con may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account. At Monster Comic Con’s discretion, we may from time to time carry out security searches.
3.2 Monster Comic Con would advise customers that no refunds will be offered to customers who are refused entry or ejected from a venue. Reasons can include late arrival, being or appearing to be under age, declining security searches, being abusive, using threatening behaviour, drunk and disorderly, or any other deemed anti-social behaviour (to include smoking and the use of Vapours in non-smoking areas). More reasons can include the carrying of offensive weapons, illegal substances, the making of unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings. Full rules for all media recordings are below in Additional Info at the bottom of the page.
3.3 All guest star appearances are subject to work and personal commitments.
3.4 Please note certain areas of the event may be age restricted or age sensitive. Monster Comic Con will endeavour to place warning signs up on the entrances of any such areas. It is accepted that, Customers purchasing tickets are of the knowledge that terms and conditions of sale have been read and that information regarding age restricted and or age sensitive areas has also been read and acknowledged. Monster Comic Con does not take any responsibility if this is ignored by parents or guardians.

4. Liability.

4.1 In all arrangements involving third parties, Monster Comic Con act only as an agent of the customer and no liability of any kind, whatsoever, shall be attached to us, in connection with, or arising from, such an arrangement with any third party.
4.2 Monster Comic Con does not accept liability for any losses or claims arising from any inability to access the Monster Comic Con website or any failure in the completion of a booking on the website.
4.3 Monster Comic Con Limited do not accept liability for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of the use of the website, or the purchase of tickets, or other goods or services from Monster Comic Con by whatever means.
4.4 Whilst every care is taken to ensure tickets or other goods or services ordered by the customer arrive on time at the agreed destination, Monster Comic Con do not accept liability for loss or damage that is caused by any event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
4.5 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Monster Comic Con will not be responsible for loss, damage or injury to any person or their property howsoever caused.

5. Special Circumstances.

5.1 When ordering tickets online, the Monster Comic Con website will not prevent you from buying tickets for two different events at the same time (e.g. a photoshoot ticket and a talk panel ticket). If this happens we will not refund in any circumstances even if any other clauses apply.
5.2 All tickets are transferable.
5.3 Children under five years of age are allowed free entry as long as they are accompanied by a full paying adult. They will however need to be added to the customer’s entry ticket order.

6. Privacy.

6.1 By entering and using the Monster Comic Con website, the customer / visitor consents to the collection, use and retention of customer personal information.
(i) Information about the customer including name, address, telephone number, email address etc. are held by Monster Comic Con in a database to help the system of ordering. All credit / debit card details are held by Worldpay (www.worldpay.com/uk) on their secure servers. All information is needed to process transactions, update, fulfil customer orders and assist if there are any subsequent refunds, queries, errors or disputes.
(ii) Monster Comic Con may also use the information for internal administration, analysis and associated companies.
(iii) Monster Comic Con Limited may disclose customer information to Worldpay (www.worldpay.com/uk), for the purpose of completing customer transactions.
(iv) Monster Comic Con may, where necessary, disclose your personal information for purposes of associated administration, obtaining professional advice and may also be passed to the management of the event venue at their request.
(v) Monster Comic Con does not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.

7. Use of our Website.

7.1 Monster Comic Con reserve the right to update, amend or otherwise change the terms and conditions of the website at any time and without prior notice.
7.2 Monster Comic Con will not accept any liability for tickets or other goods and services which have been ordered through a third-party website or bought at the event using your credit / debit card by a third party not authorised to do so.
7.3 The Monster Comic Con website uses industry standard encryption software and a secure server to ensure the safety of information and orders placed upon it. No unauthorised third party can access any information on the website provided by the customer. There is a secure payment gateway (Worldpay, www.worldpay.com/uk) and all credit and debit cards are processed through this with all levels of 3D security, and is the only way to purchase tickets / merchandise in advance of the show. Credit / debit card payments and details cannot be processed through standard email.

8. Invalidity.

8.1 If any part of these conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which Monster Comic Con exclude our liability to the customer) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

9. No Waiver.

9.1 No failure or delay on the part of any parties to these conditions relating to the exercise of any right, power, privilege or remedy provided under these conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right, power or remedy.

10. Governing Law.

10.1 These Terms & Conditions along with our agreement with the customer under them, shall be governed by the Law in England and Wales, and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdictions of the Courts in England and Wales for the determination of any dispute.

Additional Notes.

Rules for All Photography at Monster Comic Conventions.

Comic Cons are vibrant events which offer a variety of photographic opportunities. The taking of photographs is encouraged with no special or exclusive permission needed unless otherwise stated at the show. The event, venue, exhibitors, special guests and attendees all have expectations, so please note the following rules that apply to all, at a Monster Comic Con:

1. Photography is permitted in all public areas of the show unless otherwise stated or on some occasions instructed to by Monster Comic Con crew.

2. External organised activities to include exhibitor stands, talk panels, autograph sessions screenings etc. permission must be respectfully sought from the subject(s) / person(s) of any photography before the commencement. The photographer must also oblige if the relatable person(s) request to see the photograph taken.

3. It is deemed wholly unacceptable to take or attempt to take photographs deliberately geared towards the compromise of common decency or the dignity of any person(s).

4. All photographic / filming equipment must be hand held by the photographer / camera person. Free standing equipment or additional equipment held by other persons (e.g. lights, umbrellas, flashes, sound booms) are not permitted, unless express permission has been granted prior to the event or is a part of a booked trading or exhibition space. This rule is extended to press passes too, this does not grant authority or permission to set up a photo / film studio.

5. Any use of power, / power sockets within the event require the express permission of Monster Comic Con and PAT testing from our onsite electrician.

6. Photographs taken at Monster Comic Con events may only be sold to press outlets unless taken as part of a booked trading pitch or an exhibition space. If you wish to sell photography services to the public or to the person(s) of the photographs without a booked trading pitch or exhibition space, a £500 penalty fee will be charged for commercial photography.


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