Helen Alice Cosplay

  • TV & Filmography

Appearing Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October 2017.

Monster Comic Con is very happy to welcome Helen Alice Cosplay to the Cosplay Guest line-up. Helen Alice is a cosplayer from the midlands, with 9 years of cosplaying and crafting behind her and with over forty (40) cosplays under her belt. Though Helen is a sewing specialist, she has dabbled in every avenue of cosplay and is always up for helping people with their costumes. Helen is a regular to Cosplay competitions, having won various awards and qualifying to represent the U.K. in 2017 European Cosplay Gathering Paris France, where she took her “Snow White” costume to the stage. Helen Alice has also worked for companies such as Sky, HBO, attended book launches with her cosplay work, and has had video game characters designed after her cosplays. A stickler for perfection and hard work, she’s always working on her next big and shiny costume and is always pushing the limits of what a short nerd from the midlands can make in her basement. Come by her table at the convention and check out her cosplays!



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