Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

Monster Comic Con (a.k.a. MCC) is a brand new popular and alternative culture show debuting at the prestigious Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre, in the United Kingdom. Events dates are Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October 2017.

MCC is the creation of David Bidwell. David is a trader of 22 years (a partner of The Monster Company), a friend and representative to many famous guest stars from the film / T.V. genres, as well as an event organiser/promotor. Through a love and passion for all things science fiction, horror and fantasy related David, with the help of many industry friends and associates, is redeveloping many elements of a U.K. Comic Con Expo to provide an event that we would love to experience ourselves as fans.

The aim of Monster Comic Con is to have a lot of fun and bring together a wide variety of popular and alternative culture elements, creating one big celebration of the worlds of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

To include:

Guest stars from all genre movies, television series and cosplaying.

Memorabilia, merchandise and paraphernalia whether it is vintage or brand new in our Grand Trading Hall.

Artists, Authors and Comic Book Artists in our Gallery of Artists.

Talk Panels, Cosplay Masquerade, Autograph Sessions, Photo Shoot Opportunities, Competitions, and Film Prop Displays.

Screenings of trailers, movies and promotional films in the Monster Comic Con In-House Theatre.

Table Top Gaming, Card Based Games, Electronic & Retro Gaming, in our Gaming Zone.

Movie and Custom Car Displays.

The Monster Comic Convention is debuting at the prestigious Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre, St. Leger Way, Doncaster, DN2 6BB in the United Kingdom.

Monster Comic Con Show Opening Times

Depending on the ticket type purchased the following times will apply:

Show Opening Times To The Public

Saturday 7th October 9am – 6pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)

Saturday 7th October 11am – 6pm (General Entry)

Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)

Sunday 8th October 11am – 5pm (General Entry)

Show Open Times To The V.I.P.

Saturday 7th October 9am – 11pm

Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm

After-Show Party Times

Saturday 7th October 6pm - 11pm

Exhibitor Access Times

Build up and pack down times are as follows:

Friday 6th October 2pm – 8pm

Saturday 7th October 6am – 8.30am

Sunday 8th October 8am – 9.30am & 5pm – 9pm

After-Show Party Times

Saturday 7th October 6pm - 11pm

Show Opening Times To The Public

Saturday 7th October 9am – 6pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)

Saturday 7th October 11am – 6pm (General Entry)

Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)

Sunday 8th October 11am – 5pm (General Entry)

Show Open Times To The V.I.P.

Saturday 7th October 9am – 11pm

Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm

After-Show Party Times

Saturday 7th October 6pm - 11pm


Purchasing a ticket for the Monster Comic Con will grant you access

to the whole show within the allotted day / entry times upon your chosen
ticket type (e.g. priority entry / general entry / V.I.P.).

The ticket includes:

Admission to all four floors of the convention, Autograph Sessions,
Talk Panels, The Game Zone, The Gallery of Artists, The Grand Trading
Memorabilia Hall, Movie & Custom Car Exhibits, Movie Prop displays,
In-House Theatre and access to all the guest stars.

Some exhibits / traders / show content / area’s may be age sensitive (warning signs will be visible if this is the case).

Talk panels may be subject to seating availability on a first come first serve basis (or ticket purchase where advertised).

Upon purchase of any tickets, customers will receive an email
confirmation of your order. There will be a unique order number and QR
Code with every completed order. Customers must bring the confirmation
email with them (printed or on mobile device) to the venue, where it
will be exchanged for entrance and any autograph / and or photo
opportunity tickets.

All Monster Comic Con tickets can be purchased here at the Ticketing page.

Tickets may be available on the door on the day of the event. However, it would be advisable to check Monster Comic Con website news / social media / press for updated details of availability.

All entry Tickets are on sale as soon as show is announced.

It is recommended that customers purchase a ticket in advance for two reasons:

1. Advance purchase tickets are cheaper than tickets purchased on the day (e.g. Advance purchase general entry ticket for a single day are £7.50 plus booking fee through the website, on the door on the day of the event if available they will be £10 plus booking fee).

2. Advance purchase will guarantee entry to this amazing show and will help avoid long queues and disappointment.

Once the show has been SOLD OUT online, there will be no more tickets issued and the Monster Comic Con Box Office will then be closed. This will be advertised on our website and on our social media too.

All ticket confirmations are emailed directly upon purchase (and where applicable, subsequent purchases e.g. adding autograph tickets to an order at a later date) to the given email address relating to the booking. It is advised that customers print off (or have the electronic copy on a mobile device or similar) the final order confirmation and bring it with them to the venue entrance. The email order confirmations are then scanned, exchanged for physical tickets (i.e. whether they are entrance, photo opportunity, talk panel and autograph tickets). Please keep email orders safe as we can only accept the first presentation of this confirmation ticket with its unique code at the event.

Perhaps check your Spam Email Box, still not found your email, contact us in the first instance at with your name, order number and date of purchase.

Priority Early Entry Tickets allow you early entry on the Saturday of the event from 9am and / or Sunday from 10am before the general entry ticket holders. This ticket gives you more space and time to get into the show and visit exhibitors and guests.

General Entry Tickets allow you entry into the event from 11am on the Saturday and / or Sunday of the event.

Please do not worry, contact us in the first instance at with your name, order number and date of purchase.

Unfortunately, once all tickets are sold out online, there will be no more available on the door and the Box Office will then be closed until our next new Monster Comic Con is announced.

All tickets are transferable and can be gifted / resold.

Virtual queueing is the ability to hold a place in a queue (for mainly autographs with guests) but then allows you, the customer, the freedom to roam the rest of the show. Customers would just need to keep an eye on the guest star autograph area (and social Media) for lots of ticket numbers being called forward. At Monster Comic Con, all autograph tickets are individually numbered and act as a virtual queue ticket and a proof of purchase for autographs.

All talk panels, are inclusive of the entry ticket price unless otherwise stated on the website. Please be aware, some talk panels start before the general entry on the Saturday / Sunday and you may need a Priority Early Entry Ticket to attend.

We are unable to offer refunds on entrance / autograph / photo shoot / and where applicable talk panel tickets (i.e. tickets are non-refundable) with the only exception of a guest has cancellation see FAQ 16. However, all tickets are transferrable (i.e. they can be sold / passed on / gifted to third parties without penalty).

We are unable to offer refunds or change ticket types (i.e. tickets are non-refundable), however, all tickets are transferrable (i.e. they can be sold / passed on / gifted to third parties without penalty).

We are unable to offer refunds on entrance tickets because of a guest cancellation or a change has been made to the line-up of the event (i.e. tickets are non-refundable). Entrance tickets are purchased for the whole event. However, all tickets are transferrable (i.e. they can be sold / passed on / gifted to third parties without penalty).

Only in this instance, advance purchase autograph / photo opportunity / talk panel tickets relating to a cancelled guest can be exchanged (at the event itself) for:

1. another guest autograph, photo opportunity or talk panel ticket to the same value or greater with the difference being made up).

2. or refunded (timing on this refund is dependent on the timing of any such guest cancellation).

Special Guests

Guests are announced on the Monster Comic Con website here at this link to the Special Guests Page, on social media here at The Monster Comic Con Facebook, Twitter and all associated press once they have been 100% confirmed to attend the event.

Autographs, Virtual Queuing, Photo Opportunity & Talk Panel Tickets

Yes, autographs are charged per signature on any item whether they are personal or a photograph from the guest’s table.

Yes, autograph / photo shoot / talk panel tickets can be booked in advance and it is advised to do so as the guests can only sign a limited number of items per day, the photo shoots are on a timed schedule and limited in number also per day. To avoid disappointment, book now!

If there are any autograph and or photo shoot (and where applicable) talk panel tickets left over from the online sales, then these will be made available on the day(s) of the event from the Monster Comic Con Box Office (located centrally on the ground floor). For example: If a guest has been added to the line-up at the last minute, then most tickets for autographs, photo shoots, (and where applicable) talk panels will be available on the days of the show.

Upon the receipt of an Autograph ticket, there will be a unique number upon it. When this number is highlighted in the guest star area as open, you can join an autograph queue. (I.e. the Autograph ticket with its unique order number acts as a virtual queue ticket).

Yes, these Mail Order autographs can be found and purchased in the Shop section of this website. We have a dedicated Monster team member to collate these mail order autographs with the message and dedication you require. These will then be posted out within ten working days from the end of the show.

Autographs / photograph opportunities / talk panels will vary in price depending on the guest star. The ability to purchase these tickets will go live after the guest star has been announced on the website. Please see Guest page of the website for more information and prices.

As popular as this is, we have to decline Selfies and any ad hoc photography of the guests, there are a lot of people wanting to meet them and it is only fair everyone has this opportunity.

The maximum number of people in a photo with a guest star is two adults and two children. One print is provided per photo opportunity ticket.

We will have associated guests and group photograph shoots available online here at on the Guest page.

Photographic prints are approximately 10 inches by 8 inches (25cms by 20cms).

The print will be available shortly after the shoot and can be collected from the photography area.

Yes, a digital copy can be emailed for a small fee, please liaise with the photography assistants in the photography studio.

All photographs will be on a very cool Monster Comic Con backdrop.

Guests star photograph session times are announced a week before the show, please refer to Home Page and Facebook, Twitter for news and all associated press for all updates.

As with any event, please take time to look at the event schedule and plan the day / weekend, taking note of times and places for photographs / autographs and talk panels with guests.

Although we cannot promise anything, please head over to the Monster Comic Con Information desk and enquire if there is an opportunity to re-book with the photography studio and the guest star. Guest schedules are very tight and very busy, if we can, we will endeavour to do so, but we cannot promise anything.

Only in this instance, advance purchase autograph, photo opportunity / talk panel tickets relating to a cancelled guest can be exchanged (at the event itself) for another guest autograph, photo opportunity or talk panel ticket to the same value, or refunded (timing on this refund is dependent on the timing of any such guest cancellation).

Yes, these are included in the price of an entrance ticket unless otherwise stated.

Yes, you can take photographs and film unless we have made a disclosure for no photography or filming at the beginning of the session or in certain areas. Please be courteous and ask / check in the first instance.

Zones & Areas Within the Venue At Monster Comic Con

Most of the special guests will be situated or will appear on the ground floor adjoining the Grand Trading Hall.

The Grand Trading Hall is located on the ground floor.

The Cosplay stage is located on the Third Floor in the large the Premier Suite and is shared with the Talk Panel stage.

The Gallery of Artists is on the second floor, known as the Conduit suite, and is shared with the Gaming Zone.

Talk panels (also known as Question & Answer sessions) will take place on the Third Floor in the large Premier Suite, of the venue and is shared with the Cosplay stage.

Trailers, promo’s, film shorts and movies are screening on the first floor in the Nijinsky suite (adjoining the catering area / food court) in the Monster Comic Con In-House Theatre.

The Gaming Zone is on the second floor, in the large Conduit suite and is shared with the Gallery of Artists.

Cosplay (Costume Play)

Yes, it is highly encouraged to come to the event in costume, feel free to enter the costume competition, attend talks and enter the Cosplay Masquerade (see the Monster Comic Con Cosplay Desk situated by the Cosplay changing rooms).

The choice is entirely yours, you do not have to, but you might have a favourite movie T-shirt you want to wear!

Yes, there are a few rules. Please make sure you are appropriately covered up where necessary. Gents, if you would like to wear spandex bottoms, would you please consider wearing a courtesy box or pouch (we don’t want to see what you had for breakfast).

Yes, any weapons that look authentic, please would you have an blaze orange tip in the ends, unless the weapon itself is brightly coloured. The local Police will be notified that this event will be on and that some costumers may have weapons. Please leave all metal blades at home, and cover all weapons until you are onsite of the event.

Yes, if you are considering bringing an oversized costume or prop, please would you notify us in advance at this email address detailing the size and nature of the items.

Yes, there is a large Cloakroom available on the ground floor next to the Information desk. This Cloakroom is chargeable for a small fee which goes to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

There are male and female changing rooms at the venue and work on a first come first serve basis. Cosplayers will still need to book into the Cosplay check in desk to be able to use these, which is situated at the entrance of the changing rooms.

It is guaranteed that you will have a great time at this awesome event however please be aware we have a Zero Tolerance on Anti-Social behaviour.

Have lots of fun, party hard and be kind & courteous to your fellow fan.

Exhibitors Attending Monster Comic Con

We will have a great mix of merchandise for sale at Monster Comic Con. All Exhibitors and Traders and links to their respective websites / Etsy and Facebook sites etc. can be found by visiting the Sponsors page of the website.

Film Prop displays, live demonstrations, competitions, movie car exhibits will be highlighted through What’s On, on the Monster Comic Con website and Monster Comic Con’s Facebook, Twitter and all associated press.

As the organisers of the comic con, we are endeavouring to bring together a very diverse range of traders selling inexpensive items to high end collectables. E.g. Collectible Toys, Art, Jewellery, T-Shirts, Sequential Art, Clothing, Costumes, Screen Used Props and Replica Movie Props, Hot Toys, Comics, Statues, Model Kits, Vinyl Records, DVD’s, Vinyl Pops, Movie Paraphernalia, etc.

Follow this quick link here to the Exhibitors page or click in the Navigation bar at the top of this website. Trader pitches and Artist tables are open to anyone that has something to promote or sell.

Travel & Accommodation

Upon a ticket purchase / order being made to the Monster Comic Con event, an information email will be sent out with MONSTER COMIC CON discount codes for hotels in the Doncaster vicinity. These are all subject to availability.

Suggested nearby Hotels to stay:

The Holiday Inn, High Road, Warmsworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 9UX
Tel: 08719429061 Website:

The Crown Hotel, Market Place, High St, Bawtry, Doncaster, DN10 6TJ
Tel: 01302 710341 Website:

Park Inn by Radisson, Decoy Bank South, White Rose Way, Doncaster, DN4 5PD.
Tel: 01302 760710 Website:

The Earl of Doncaster, Benethorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 6AD
Tel: 01302361371 Website:

Campanile, Doncaster Leisure Park, Bawtry Road, Doncaster, DN4 7PD
Tel: 01302 370770 Website:

Grand St. Leger Hotel, Bennetthorpe, Doncaster, DN2 6AX
Tel: 01302 364111 Website:

Premier Inn, Doncaster Leisure Park, Herten Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 7NW
Tel: 0871 527 8304 Website:

Premier Inn Doncaster Lakeside, Lakeside Village Outlet Shopping, Wilmington Drive, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5PJ
Tel: 0871 527 8300 Website:

Premier Inn Doncaster Central High Fishergate, High Fisher Gate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 1QZ
Tel: 0871 527 8302 Website:

The Regent Hotel, Regent Square, Doncaster, DN1 2DS
Tel: 01302 364180 Website:

The Restover Lodge, 10 Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster, DN4 5HX
Tel: 01302 761050 Website:

The Wheatley Hotel, Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN2 5DR
Tel: 01302 364092 Website:

The Inn Keepers Lodge, Bawtry Road, Doncaster DN4 7BS
Tel: 0845 112 6032 Website:

Mercure Hotel, High Street, Doncaster DN1 1DN
Tel: 01302 342261 Website:

Doncaster boasts excellent accessibility by all forms of transport from the whole of the U.K. and internationally.

It is one of the best venues in the country to hold a Comic Con.

The venue’s address and contact details are:

Doncaster Racecourse, Exhibition Hall, Leger Way, Doncaster, DN2 6BB
Web: Tel: 01302 304 200.

The venue is located in the heart of the United Kingdom, and is in easy reach of Doncaster Railway Station, Robin Hood / Sheffield Airport, and has amazing road links. Doncaster Racecourse is ideally placed for both national and international visitors.

By Road

Doncaster Racecourse boasts excellent links to the motorway network including M1 (Junction 32), M18 (Junctions 3 and 4), A1(M) (Junction 36) and from the M62 (Junctions 32A, 34 and 35). The Racecourse Exhibition Centre is very well signed posted from the Motorways approaching Doncaster from all travelling directions.

By Rail

The Racecourse is just two-and-a-half miles from Doncaster Train Station, which is on the main London-Edinburgh line (South to North) and is midway between Hull and Manchester (East to West). Journey times by rail from London are just an hour-and-three-quarters, and three hours from Edinburgh. Doncaster trains connect to all major cities and towns to include Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Wakefield, Lincoln, York, Scunthorpe, Beverley, Bridlington, Newark, Grantham, Peterborough, Stevenage, Cleethorpes, Selby and Retford.

National Rail enquiries: 08457 484950.

By Air

Robin Hood Airport (Serving Doncaster / Sheffield) is less than seven miles from Doncaster Racecourse, offering return flights to European destinations. The Racecourse is also within easy reach of Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham and East Midlands airports.

By Taxi

Suggested Local Doncaster Taxi Numbers:

Dial a Cab, 17A Wood St, Doncaster. Tel: 01302 343444.

Apple Mini Cabs, 41 Waterdale, Doncaster. Tel: 01302 817171.

Alpha Mini Cabs, 43C Prince’s St, Doncaster. Tel: 01302 323333.

City Mini Cabs Doncaster, 27 Bowers Fold, Doncaster. Tel: 01302 343434.

A1 Central Taxis, 94-95 Spring Gardens, Doncaster. Tel: 01302 222222.

By Bus

Bus numbers 55, 490, and 51A run every 20 minutes from Doncaster train station / Frenchgate Shopping Centre on Line 55, journey duration is approximately 8 minutes.

On The Day - At The Venue

Saturday 7th October 9am – 6pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry).
Saturday 7th October 11am – 6pm (General Entry).
Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry).
Sunday 8th October 11am – 5pm (General Entry).

Yes, there is a cloak room situated on the left-hand side of the escalator by the entrance on the ground floor. Items can be left here for a small fee which goes to the local charity (Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice).

Yes, there are four cash points onsite however be aware that there is a fee of £1.99 per withdrawal from these machines.

Yes, Monster Comic Con will be able to accept most credit and debit cards at the event with chip and pin terminals.

Each traders’ business is different, some do accept credit / debit cards, some accept Paypal payments and others work on a cash only basis.

Budget yourself for purchasing any of these – Amazing Collectibles & Memorabilia, Autographs, Photo Shoots, Food and Drink.

Yes, there are bars serving soft drinks and alcohol on all four floors of the venue. Please drink responsibly.

Yes, there is a large smoking area on the first floor (Nijinsky Suite) outside of the food court.

It is very important that lanyards and their badges are worn throughout the whole event. We are unable to replace lost lanyards and badges free of charge. A new lanyard and badge will have to be purchased from us. If you do find yourself in this position, please go immediately to the Monster Comic Con Information Desk located by the main entrance / next to the escalators of the venue.

Security will be checking lanyards constantly upon entry and exit of the show all weekend.

Upon exiting the venue, all guests that have not got a lanyard and badge, would you please ensure that your hand is stamped, this will enable you to return.

Children At Monster Comic Con

This is a family event and show however they may be a few exceptions. In these areas there will be warning signs about the content of any such age sensitive areas or content and it is at the discretion of parents / guardians whether they proceed into it with their children or not.

All children under the age of 5 years old may enter Free of Charge (one per paying adult). Accompanying parent or guardian must still apply for a Child Ticket online (we need to know for health and safety reasons and account for capacity onsite).

Unfortunately, as the advance ticket prices are very good value, we are unable to offer a discount rate for children 16 years and under.

All children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult. Any children over 12 years can attend the convention on their own at the discretion of their parents or guardians.

Venue Information & Facilities

We have negotiated Free Car Parking for our first show. There are over 3,500 free car parking spaces for our customers.

Please click this link Getting Here for more information on travelling to the venue.

The venue is covered by a superfast 4G service, ideal for video’s and social networking.

The venue is accessible on every level by lifts, escalators and stairs. If you are in a wheelchair, there is no problem to getting to all levels of this comic convention. The only other thing to consider is that the event itself will become very busy, so give yourself extra time to get to events within the show and exhibits.

Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre boasts over ample toilet facilities on all floors of the venue.

Yes, there is a first aid station situated in the main hall of the ground floor. We too, have a St. Johns Ambulance on site in attendance.

There is a food court serving many varieties of food. Stalls include: The Duke Of Pork, The Best Of British, Spudtastic, Pizza & Co, Pie Perfection, Café Tempo. There too, are bars providing soft and alcoholic drinks during the event times of the show.

Please see our detailed section on Getting Here. Doncaster Racecourse is centrally very accessible by all forms of transport form all parts of the U.K.

Doncaster Racecourse is very well situated near many facilities.

Adjoining the venue is The Old Weighing Room Restaurant.

Nearby you can find the following restaurants and shops:

Walkable is an Asda Superstore, Whitby’s Fish and Chip shop and restaurant and Di’s Kitchen (Opposite Whitby’s Fish and Chip Shop).

A very short car journey / longer walk away are:

Frankie & Bennies Restaurant, Pizza Express, Brewers Fayre Cheswold Lodge, Nando’s, Vivo Italian Restaurant, McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza. Vue Cinema, Ten Pin Doncaster, South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, The Dome Leisure Centre.

A short car journey away there is a large Lakeside Village Outlet Shopping Centre with the following shops, cafes and restaurants:

Antler, Beauty Outlet, Bedeck, Ben Sherman, Bench, Black and Decker, Blue Inc, Bonmarche, Cadbury, Café Thorntons, Chapelle Jewellery, Christy, Claire’s, Clarks, Clintons, Cook N Dine, Costa Coffee, Costa Drive Thru, Cotton Traders, Dickies, Domo, Double Two, Ernest Jones, GAP Outlet, Greggs, Hallmark, Holland and Barrett, Hotter Shoes, Jacques Vert, Jeff Banks, KFC, Klass, M&S Outlet, McDonald’s, Moss Bros, Mountain Warehouse, Next Outlet, Pagazzi, Pavers, Pizza Hut, ProCook, Rectella, Roman, Shockabsorber, Sports Direct, Suit Direct, The Body Shop, The Fragrance Shop, The Gift Company, The Works Outlet, Thorntons, Tog 24, Trespass, and Wonderbra Playtex.

Plus, a great array of high street and independent shops, cafés and restaurants and places of interest in the main town centre of Doncaster to include:

The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop, Which Craft, Zone Out Gaming Centre, Vintage Rock Bar, Cultman Collectables, Sacred Skin, Limited Edition Tattoo Studio, Wills Customs, Electro Ink Tattoo Studio Doncaster, Art Fusion 13, Body Arts, Primal Art, Fantasy Tattoo Studio, Simply Ink Tattoo Studio, Angel Tatau, Twisted Fate. Ink Addiction Tattoo, Inkt, Kingdom of Ink, Tattoo Zone, Betty Blaze Piercing and Faibel Rose Tattoo Studio.

Plus, Frenchgate Shopping Centre containing HMV, Toytown and The Works.

Catering, Food & Drink

Yes, you are permitted to bring in your own food and drink (especially water).

Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre has a plethora of catering facilities onsite to include:

The Duke Of Pork, The Best Of British, Spudtastic, Pizza & Co, Pie Perfection and Café Tempo.

There are bars available on every floor of the venue serving soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits.

Adjoining the venue is the Weighing Room Restaurant.
Doncaster Racecourse, Leger Way, Doncaster DN2 6AB
Website: Tel: 01302 304250.

Immediately across the road from the venue is:

Whitby’s Fish and Chip shop and restaurant.
The Old Fire Station, Leicester Ave, Doncaster DN2 6DR
Website: Tel: 01302 308130.

There is also a very large ASDA superstore a 10-minute walk away
ASDA, Gliwice Way, Bawtry Road, Doncaster, Yorkshire DN4 5NW
Website: Tel: 01302 370990.

Other facilities nearby to the venue are:

Di’s Kitchen (Breakfast), Opposite Whitby’s Fish and Chip Shop on Leicester Avenue, Doncaster DN2 6DR - Open Saturday 7am until 2pm and Sunday 9am until 2pm.

Frankie & Bennies Restaurant, Doncaster Leisure Park, Bawtry Road, Doncaster DN4 5NW
Website: Tel: 01302 534946.

Pizza Express, The Dome Leisure Centre, Herten Way, Doncaster DN4 7NW
Website: Tel: 01302 533088.

Brewers Fayre, Cheswold Lodge, Doncaster Leisure Park, Herten Way, Doncaster DN4 7NW
Website: Tel: 01302 533000.

Vivo Italian Restaurant, 11-13 Bennetthorpe, Doncaster DN2 6AA
Website: Tel: 01302 363131.

McDonalds, Dome Leisure Park, Bawtry Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN4 7PD
Website: Tel: 01302 533545.

Domino’s Pizza, 1,232 Carr House Road, Doncaster DN4 5DS
Website: Tel: 01302 761200.

Lakeside Village Outlet Shopping Centre, White Rose Way, Doncaster, DN4 5PJ
Website: Tel: 01302 366444.

Filming & Photography

The probability will be high that, yes you may be filmed or photographed at some point of this event. We have our own Comic Con Film crews and photographers on the days of the event and national / local press coverage.

Yes, we encourage this, however, please ask permission from the people (owner of the subject matter) before their photo / video are taken and please be respectful if they decline.

Unfortunately, unless you have been pre-authorised with a press pass then we have to say no. Click here to enquire about a Press pass, last submissions for press passes are accepted four weeks before the event dates.

Monster Comic Con Show Guide

A Comic Con show guide is an information booklet with venue maps, show schedules and general information to help everyone at the event.

Monster Comic Con show guides are free of charge and are available digitally on this website as a PDF download or in a paper format from the Monster Comic Con Information desk on the days of the event.


Please see Press here or email Please provide a covering letter of who you are, the company you represent / work for, position, your contact details to include a telephone number and links to your work. Please provide details of what you would like from Monster Comic Con and, or its guests, and what advertising / editorial can be offered to Monster Comic Con.

All applications must be made by the 6th September 2017.

Due to the high demand of these passes, we are unable to accommodate everyone. Please do try us again at a subsequent show.

Monster Comic Con will award passes upon their own merit and relevance.

Volunteering to Work The Monster Comic Con

If you are 16 years old and over, Calm, Enthusiastic, A People Person, An Adrenaline Junky, A Movie Fanatic, Hard Working, A Team Player, A Bit Crazy then please see below.

By all means we would love to hear from you, please send a covering letter detailing any relevant experience along with a C.V. to

We have vacancies for help in the Monster Comic Con: - Box Office, Ticketing Booths, Information Desk, Ticket Collection Point, Guest Star Assistants & Liaisons, V.I.P. Green Room Assistants, Cosplay Organisers Desk, Photography Distribution and Collection point etc.


Alt Gaming Lounge

A1 Toys

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Forecast Designs

Monster Comic Con Tickets

The Monster Company

Monster Comic Con V.I.P. Tickets



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