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A Trader Pitch foot print is 7ft by 7ft square (2.14m by 2.14m square). This includes a 6ft by 2ft (1.83m by 0.61m) front table with a 6ft by 2ft (1.83m by 0.61m) backing table. There is a 3ft (0.91m) space deep behind the backing table for storage and, or grid wall / racks etc. The Trading space is 6ft wide by 7ft deep (1.83m wide by 2.14m deep). There is a 1ft (0.30m) communal access space shared with your fellow neighbour, of whom has a mirrored 1ft (0.30m) communal access space. Ergo the access space to both pitches is 2ft (0.60m) wide. These tables are located on the ground floor within the large exhibition centre with one chair provided per pitch.

A Gallery Table is a solitary table 6ft (1.83m) wide by 2ft (0.60m) deep for Artists, Comic Book Artists and Authors, which will be situated on the second floor of the exhibition centre with two chairs provided per pitch. Collectively, the area is known as the ‘Gallery of Artists’.

Our website ( is a fully operational E-Commerce site (i.e. just click and buy). Choose which type of table you would like, how many, any optional extra’s and follow the easy steps for your booking and payment online.

Please ensure to read our Exhibitor Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

Trader and Artist tables are openly available to any and all themes of products and services within the wide remit of Monster Comic Con. Please make sure your items can be sold lawfully and that any items of a sensitive nature are displayed with consideration and common sense (please remember there is a wide demographic of fans attending, men, women, children and all colours, creeds and religions).

The only objection to the above are the sales of: FOOD and WEAPONS onsite. In the first instance, please would you email or, we will be able to clarify the standing to whether certain items can be sold or not.

Monster Comic Con Limited as a new business is not V.A.T. registered and therefore unable to charge for and claim V.A.T. back. This is only in the company’s immediate short term business activities. V.A.T. will be chargeable in the future and this will be made known to all our exhibitors and customers.

A centre table pitch is one that is backed in most cases by a fellow exhibitor. A perimeter table pitch is one that is on the outer circumference of the exhibition hall and is backed by a curtain or a wall. The pitches are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Perimeter pitches are a premium as there are not many of them. All pitches have access into them. We are not using grey or any other type of backing boards at this event.

A backing table is a second table equal in size to your main sales table which is placed behind. We have included this table into the price of a pitch, exhibitors have the option of declining the backing and front table to have more or a space only pitch. However, this will not change the price of the pitches.

Yes, exhibitors can book space only, in the booking process there is an option to leave comments / requests about the booking.

Yes, exhibitors are very welcome to book as many pitches / tables as they need. Please note that a run of pitches / tables will be pushed together and access available at the end of the run.

It is a legal requirement that the tables supplied by Doncaster Racecourse (for and behalf of Monster Comic Con) are the only ones that are used. If you require more space, then please add more pitches / tables to your booking.

Yes, exhibitors can bring / use their own gridwall / clothes rails etc. The use of these is permitted within your sales pitch footprint. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to make sure any such third-party fixtures and fittings are stable, safe and are not a danger to themselves, public or anyone else attending the Monster Comic Con event.

Yes, there are height restrictions on trader pitches. Any displays that exceed 3 metres high must be notified in advance and exhibitors are required to have a written Risk Assessment to hand to accompany them. We need to know that we can get your display into the venue too, dimensions of your pitch height and details of your display can be emailed here

Traders, Artists, Authors, Comic Book Artists etc. are permitted to sell anything as long as its legal within the U.K. and is relating to popular and alternative culture.

The only objection to point 13., would be the sales of FOOD onsite. In the first instance, please would you email we will be able to clarify your standing to whether certain Foods can be sold or not.

The only other objection to point 13., would be the sales of WEAPONS onsite. In the first instance, please would you email, we will be able to clarify your standing to whether certain items can be sold or not.

Please make sure items can be sold lawfully and that any items of a sensitive nature are displayed with common sense (please remember there is a wide demographic of fans attending, men, women, children and all colours, creeds and religions).

One chair is provided per Trader pitch / and two chairs per Gallery Artist table. If more are needed, please see a Monster Comic Con crew member or the information desk.

Yes, it is possible to have stock delivered directly to the venue, would exhibitors requiring this, please email the Monster Comic Con team to arrange the details of the shipment ( Any deliveries coming into the U.K. that are subject to import duties and taxation are the sole responsibility of the recipient and not Monster Comic Con Limited or Doncaster Racecourse Management Company Limited.

Exhibitor wristbands (or equivalent show passes) are distributed as follows:

Two are allocated for the first booked trader table pitch and then one per pitch thereafter.

One per Gallery Artist table booked.

Yes, further exhibitor wristbands (or equivalent show passes) are available for purchase in optional extra’s at the point of exhibitor booking.

Yes, we can replace broken wristbands (or equivalent show passes) to allow a new member of staff in (available from the Monster Comic Con Information point). However, these must be traded in at the Monster Comic Con information desk for new ones.

Yes, exhibitors would be able to pass on spare wristbands (or equivalent show passes) if they are not needed, they are transferable to other traders only, but not to the general public.

All exhibitors are able to gain access for set up on Friday from 2pm until 8pm and then again on Saturday from 6am until 8.30am. Sunday, restocking is available from 8am until 9.30am. Break down later that day may commence at 5pm and hopefully we can all be finished and completed by 8pm.

Parking is free for all exhibitors and fans attending this event. Exhibitors will need to display their car parking permit at all times whilst on site of Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre.

Yes, all exhibitors receive a car parking permit (which is doubled up as a loading and unloading permit) for their vehicle. It will be needed to gain access to the loading / unloading area and onsite parking. These are emailed out with all exhibitor information one week prior to the event.

Exhibitors can use clamps to affix displays, racking etc. White tack may only be used to display items on wall spaces of the venue (where applicable). Any other fixings which will damage the tables or any part of the fixtures and fittings of the exhibition centre are prohibited. All damages to the venue or tables etc. are chargeable to the exhibitor responsible.

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply these. All table covers must be supplied by the exhibitor and it is a requirement that all tables must be covered.

Doncaster Racecourse Exhibition Centre has an excellent 4G-service and we have negotiated FREE Wi-Fi for exhibitors only. The password for this service will be available upon request and is not for general-public use. Over usage could hamper everyone’s connectivity and hamper sales and posting on social media.

Whilst Monster Comic Con Limited has its own insurance policies in place for the show, it does not extend to third party property and articles that are lost, stolen or damaged.

It is advised that each pitch / table is covered up and secured. Any rubbish must be disposed of responsibly after each day of the Comic Con.

We have wondering venue security throughout each night along with constant 24-hour C.C.T.V. surveillance for the whole venue.

We have wondering venue security throughout each day along with constant 24-hour C.C.T.V. surveillance for the whole venue.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We all have to vacate the Exhibition centre the Sunday evening hopefully by 8pm or by 10pm at the very latest. Any items / articles left onsite will be treated as waste and disposed of.

We request that all exhibitors clear up all rubbish and dispose of it responsibly each day whilst onsite (i.e. please keep all recyclable items together and general waste disposed of in the bins provided). Black bags for general waste are available from the Monster Comic Convention Information desk.

All sales bookings are final and non-refundable. If an exhibitor would like to extend their pitch and there is availability, then feel free to do so and add their order online. If an exhibitor is unable to attend the event for any reason, Monster Comic Con will allow a transfer of tables but we must be notified immediately about it by both parties to amend the booking.

It is a requirement of all shows to include Monster Comic Con that exhibitors have their own public liability insurance. This insurance is needed irrespective if you are a collector / artist selling items just on odd occasion or a business attending many events.

Please protect your business and yourselves with an inexpensive policy.

If you are a sole trading business / small to medium enterprise, it is worth checking out and joining the National Market Traders Federation (N.M.T.F.). Memberships to the NMTF with a blanket insurance policy starts from as little as £112 per year.

If you are a collector selling up, enthusiast that rarely exhibits, artist etc. without an insurance policy then email us at, and for a small fee Monster Comic Con Limited can attach you to our policy for the duration of the event weekend.

Show opening times for the public are:

Saturday 7th October 9am – 6pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)
Saturday 7th October 11am – 6pm (General Entry)
Sunday 8th October 10am – 5pm (V.I.P. & Priority Entry)
Sunday 8th October 11am – 5pm (General Entry)


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